Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yvette tan

Take a look at the desk of writer and Palanca Award winner Yvette Tan. :) She loves collecting cute notebooks, is fascinated with paper, and makes pocket-sized journals. Her book "Waking the Dead", a collection of horror stories, will be out this August!

her handmade notebooks

Yvette Tan

Website: http://yvettetan.com which has a link to my blog, Http://glossmania.blogspot.com

Occupation: Writer

Favorite toy as a child: A ragged dog called Henry that got mangled at the dry cleaner's. Probably the same machine in the Stephen King story.

Favorite toy now:
Photoshop, even though I can hardly do anything on it yet. :D

Turn-ons: Brains, slight weirdness, geekery, smiley eyes

Turn-offs: Hypocrites, bad hygiene, bad manners

Top 5 movies: Ghostbusters I & II, Fight Club, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Army of Darkness, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey (daya ba?)

Top 3 books: Douglas Winter's Prime Evil, China Mieville's The Scar, Grant Morrison's Kill Your Boyfriend

Music you listen to: in my iPod right now: songs by David Bowie, The Clash, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, Placebo, Dead Kennedys, NIN, Gang of Four, Intolerant, The Pogues, Incredibad, Velvet Underground

When you’re not busy with work, what do you do in your free time? I doodle in my little Moleskine and I make pocket-sized notebooks (which will soon retail for Php120 for 3 pieces, plug, plug - does that count as work?). I also watch a lot of Disney Channel.

If you were to choose a different job, what would it be? A coroner. I think I'd be great at diagnosing stuff, but I wouldn't want to deal with live people. Or I'd want to work for Disney.

If you can have any super power, what would it be? I'd want to be a supermodel, but like Cindy Crawford when she guest stars on Muppets Tonight.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations? I am fascinated by lives that are not my own.

Most inspiring statement/moment (heard/said/read)?
Overheard in an elevator: "...And he just bit her in the stomach. She was laughing until she saw the blood."



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