Tuesday, July 26, 2011

kate torralba

Walking into musician/designer Kate Torralba's creative crib instantly made me smile. There were bursts of vibrant colors and knick-knacks everywhere! :) Like the songs and clothes she creates, Kate's place is overflowing with fun & quirky pieces. Her space really reflects the passionate and positive energy that she has. Her dog Daisy is such a charmer too!

Kate Torralba
(Makati City, Philippines)

Occupation: fashion designer / pianist-singer-songwriter / entrepreneur

                 facebook.com/katetorralba (music page)
                 facebook.com/KTDesigns (fashion page)

Favorite toy as a child: My Barbie army, comprising of 30 Barbies and 2 Kens. A highly competitive dating ratio: I had to dress each girl up to the nines and make up interesting scenarios. The Kens always seemed to run out of pickup lines.

Favorite toy now: my adopted 2-year-old Maltipoo Daisy. But I don't dress her up - after my last dog Miu-Miu turning homicidal and reading a certain  Lourd de Veyra piece on canines, I'd rather be careful.

Turn-ons: talent, wit, thoughtfulness, all things good and geeky: good music; good writing; good boys who are tall, lanky (and handsome naman!), shy, nice to their moms and sisters, and God bless them if they wear glasses, because I have a spectacle fetish. I am fascinated by people who put a lot of thought into what they create: an intricate artwork, a well-written piece, a killer musical score, a perfect pastry crust.

Turn-offs: all things bad and unsanitary - bad intentions, bad teeth, bad breath, bad taste - but that's relative, right?

What are 5 things that inspire you right now? the process of creation, love, 6841 miles, chic grandmothers, and the Big Guy that I don't see but am beginning to really, really believe in.

Top 5 movies: I hate these lists - how could you narrow 'em down to just 5?! Off the top of my head, 5 movies I really liked: Inception, In The Mood for Love, La Mome, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Amelie

Top 3 books: Outliers, The Great Gatsby, Streams in the Desert.

Music you listen to: OMG. Do you have time for this?!?
Right now, I'm listening to Kakkmaddafakka's super fun Hest album - it was a gift from Erlend Oye, and it's my instant picker-upper these days. (Hmmm... maybe we should bring those boys to play here!)

On my current playlist: Ciudad, Joanna Newsom, The Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Jonsi, Frank Sinatra, Humanfolk, Explosions in the Sky, Burt Bacharach, Barbara Morgenstern, Turner, Pasta Groove

To feel good, I always go back to the Beach Boys, The Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, The Whitest Boy Alive, and Phoenix. I listen to Sigur Ros and Chopin when I'm feeling stressed. Tom Waits and Joni Mitchell's Blue album to accompany my emo stints.

And my own music. Cos for some reason I still cringe listening to my own stuff. I'm training myself to get the hang of it soon. Cos if I can't stand it, why the hell would anyone be able to?

5 Favorite websites: twitter.com (what a brilliant invention), huffingtonpost.com, pitchfork.com, bitrebels.com (so helpful!), lettersofnote.com

When you're not busy with work, what do you do in your free time? I sleep. It is the greatest indulgence when there is so much to do! I like to putter around the house, look for things I misplaced, write music, try to read the books and magazines I haven't read. I see and get in touch with friends and family as much as I can.

If you were to choose a different job, what would it be? I'd be a full-time touring musician. Or a professional pizza/dessert taster. Or a hue-namer (?? I don't know how to call it) - someone who creates names for paint shades, make-up, and nail polish colors! That would be so cool!

If you can have any super power, what would it be? The power to multiply myself - so I could do everything I wanted - make music, make clothes, travel, write, blog, go on a food trip, and manage my business at the same time.

What is the biggest problem of the world right now? Apathy and cynicism

What do you think is the solution? FHL - faith hope and love (so sue me for being a cliche)

What's the most important life lesson you've learned so far? That God gives, and God takes away. So be kind, appreciative, and don't be so full of yourself!

Most inspiring statement/moment (heard/said/read): Gaaaah there are so many! But of late, here's one that resonated with me: "So, what does patience feel like? For me patience is the slow, yet perfect unfolding of my dreams one day at a time." - Mastin Kipp


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