Thursday, February 10, 2011

gian romano

I didn't know much about fashion in 2004 but when I was assigned to shoot Mega Magazine's Young Designer Competition back then, and saw his grand prize winning collection, I instantly became a fan. :) Dark, punk rock yet streamlined, his designs called out to me and I've been stalking his work/website since then. So it was really awesome when he agreed to have his space photographed!

Step inside the creative crib of superb fashion designer Gian Romano! :)

Gian Romano
(Malate, Philipppines)

*If you happen to be in Singapore, drop by Black Market to check out Gian's inspiring designs! :)  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

off-topic and shameless plug

Aside from creative spaces, for the past 2 years I've been cooking up a photo project on women's sexuality --- something close to my heart. :) 

"Five years ago, Mitch Mauricio realized that even as an “adult” she had but a vague understanding of her own sexual identity, that she lived most of her life ignoring her urges and her desires. She made a conscious decision to recognize these often ignored aspects of her personality and to document her discoveries using her camera. Did other women feel the same way about their own sexual development? Do they even acknowledge their own sexuality? To find answers, Mitch set out to connect with other women who were willing to share their stories in the hopes of broadening her understanding of a topic that is discussed only in hushed tones, if at all. 

In Puerta, Mitch’s first solo exhibit, she shares with the public an intimate collection of photographs that fearlessly explore female sexuality. Her work is an attempt to stimulate discussion about women’s sexual desires, their unique needs, and the role that female sexuality plays in our lives.

Mitch attempts to capture all twelve vagina portraits completely devoid of sexual objectification and commercial glamour, in the hopes that the audience will come to see the vagina in a different light."

Puerta opens as the Valentine exhibit of Pablo Gallery in Cubao at 7pm on Febuary 12th.

See you all there! :)


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