Saturday, October 31, 2009

juan alcazaren and beng calma-alcazaren

He's an artist who loves collecting knickknacks for his work, while she is an ad executive / musician who likes keeping things to a minimum. Together with son Leon, their home is a well-balanced hub of art and space. Check out the creative space of the Alcazaren family!

Juan Alcazaren and Beng Calma-Alcazaren


Juan: ---

Beng: and my band's on facebook, drip.


ad executive, singer, songwriter

Favorite toy as a child

GI Joe
plastic balloon, the one you buy in sari-sari stores

Favorite toy now

ratchet screwdriver
gosh, I don't think I have "toys" now. do my son's toys count? hehe.


powertools,good food,kindness
delicious food! my husband :-)


noise, arrogance, wobbly tables
bad hygiene, excessive cussing, sirens on the road, some politicians

Top 5 movies

Fisher King, Alien, Blade Runner, Diving Bell and Butterfly, Diva
Trainspotting, Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, Somewhere In Time, Reality Bites, and Up.

Top 3 books

Siddharta by Hesse, Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Hey Willy See the PYramids by Maira Kalman
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, The Little Price by Antoine Saint Exupery, The Milk Memos by 2 former IBM working moms whose names i forget, sorry

Music you listen to

DRIP, Classical
bent, goldfrappe, julianne

When you’re not busy with work, what do you do in your free time?

Movies, exercise
coffee with my husband, movie, drinks with friends

If you were to choose a different job, what would it be?

something with a more clearcut pupose
I'd like to be a chef

If you can have any super power, what would it be?

Juan: read minds, understand all languages

Beng: right now, power to change people's mindsets. ang serious ng sagot ko but wouldn't that be great?

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
Beng: everyday life, mundane humdrum to the painful ones.

Most inspiring statement/moment (heard/said/read)?
First Idea Best Idea --- Chabet
Beng: don't wait for leaders. do it yourself, person to person.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

quark henares

He has a kick-ass collection of graphic novels, vinyl toys, movies, and music! Drool over the creative space of filmmaker Quark Henares. :)

Name: Quark Henares


Occupation: filmmaker/teacher/entrepreneur/musician/pimp

Favorite toy as a child: yung Teddy Ruxpin ng little sister ko na nilalagyan ko ng Bruce Springsteen casette tapes

Favorite toy now: the original Kidrobot big ass Gorillaz vinyl set

Turn-ons: people who make me laugh. glasses are nice. and ponytails, or nice shortish hair. and haters! :)

Turn-offs: people who don't really have passion for anything

Top 5 movies: Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, Blue Velvet by David Lynch, A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick, Se7en by David Fincher, Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola, Singles by Cameron Crowe

Top 3 books: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, The Tetherballs of Bougainville by Mark Leyner, Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland

Music you listen to: whatever gets me through the day. i recently compiled my 100 favorite songs of the decade, which you can find here--

When you’re not busy with work, what do you do in your free time? Read, go to gigs, watch movies-- which all STILL count as work in a weird sort of way.

If you were to choose a different job, what would it be? Be an architect. I have an unexplainable love for buildings and cities.

If you can have any super power, what would it be? Telekinesis. That would kick so much ass, and I'd even be able to make myself fly.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations? Everything from real events to other works of art. Most of my characters are inspired by people I either find interesting or hate, though.

Most inspiring statement/moment (heard/said/read)? something i now base my every decision on: "I wish Quark Henares would refrain from selling out again, because if he doesn't he can be one of the important ones." - Alexis Tioseco


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