Tuesday, March 29, 2011

13 lucky monkey

Out of the blue, I got an email inviting me to hang out at a studio that designs rings. I had no idea what kind of jewelry they did until I saw their blog, and instantly fell in love with their kick-ass custom-made rings!

Hot rods, tattoos, leather, and metal... check out the workshop of Dante Dizon and Noli Conrado of 13 Lucky Monkey! :)

13 Lucky Monkey
(Makati, Philippines)


  1. Thanks Mitch! were fans of the blog its an honor to be here:)
    Lucky Monlkey boys

  2. Bitchin' post on some good people :)

  3. Awesome. I'd have to say some people (and blogs) force us to be always on our toes. These guys (and you) are one of em!

  4. Thanks for copying The Selby.

  5. Theselby.com is definitely one of the inspirations for this little project. So as the studio visits at fecalface.com. And books such as Creative Space: The Urban Homes of Artists and Creatives. I just want to document the spaces of Filipino creatives/artists, a small labor of love. :)

  6. Any idea where I can buy one of those rings online?

  7. Hi Return of the Cafe Racers, you can email the guys of 13 Lucky Monkeys at 13luckymonkey@gmail.com for custom rings. :)



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