Wednesday, August 19, 2009

mark reyes

Take a peek into the mind and creative space of Encantadia, Kamandag, and Zorro director Mark Reyes. He's a big fan of sci-fi, used to have a pile of Star Wars memorabilia but has now turned to acquiring art, and he is also an avid collector of very fine retro chairs. Check it out!

Mark A. Reyes

Website: still a work in progress

Occupation: TV and Film director. Eventologist, Writer and Jedi

Favorite toy as a child: Green Tonka truck. (I know, it says so much about my age)... oh and LEGO!

Favorite toy now: Chrysler 300 and Dodge Nitro

Turn-ons: Positive people, perfect sunset, morning rain and pay days

Turn-offs: the present government

Top 5 movies: Cinema Paradiso; Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; Thomas Crown Affair, Serendipity, and Moments Of Love (love my own)

Top 3 books: LOTRS, Art of War, Digital Photography for Dummies

Music you listen to: All sorts. From Mozart, Musicals, Michael Jackson, Meatloaf you name it!

When you’re not busy with work, what do you do in your free time? What free time? =(

If you were to choose a different job, what would it be? Architect or a Rock Star!

If you can have any super power, what would it be? Teleport! And multiple cloning. (Then again, if I can teleport, I don't need to clone myself...)

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
Everywhere and from everyone.

Most inspiring statement/moment (heard/said/read..) : My personal mantra is "We create our own possibilities".


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  2. the red fridge is outstanding...old style yet very contemporary.

  3. Interesting space and awesome collections!

    I can't get over the vintage ref and the teac radio.



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