Thursday, April 15, 2010

show us your city contest

Anik-Anik Love is one of the shortlisted entrants in the Show Us Your City competition! Cool! :)

Here is the write-up:

Mitch Mauricio's Manila is a bright, design-inspired place made up of box-head creatures and creative folk. Of music, photography, design, fashion, art and skating. Desks and posters, the tradition and contemporary, literature and legacies.

For her Show Us Your City entry, celebrity and fashion photographer Mitch Mauricio submitted Anik-Anik Love. A virtual holding pen for images and interviews that provide insight into some of the creative folk currently living and working in Manila.

Mitch first began publishing pieces on Anik-Anik Love in October 2009. Rather than focusing on the physicality of this East Asian centre, the blog portrays the rich tapestry of creatives that call the city home; delving into their past, their product, and their motivation. By exploring their worlds, Mitch creatives a comprehensive picture of what makes Manila a creative city.

Subjects include local design duo Inksurge, writer/editor and HIV advocate Wanggo Gallaga, and fashion designer Shanon Pamaong.




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